Caomhnóir Training 2018

This year, the annual Caomhnóirí training took place on the 14th and 15th of March in The Lantern Centre in Synge Street.  We all made our way into town for 10am, most of us becoming very familiar with the different bus routes in the process.  When we arrived Ms. Glen and Mr. Tighe split us into teams to discuss the role of a Caomhnóir.  Eager to voice our ideas regarding different clubs, societies, and management roles; we worked as a group to compile not only what we considered our role to be but also how to improve it.  This included many new projects that we will be running throughout the following year.  This discussion fed nicely into our next topic; how we as Caomhnóirí can improve the school as a whole where the subjects of student support, leadership and management were talked about.  We finished up our first day by examining the more vulnerable groups in our school and how to support them at a management level.

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We started our second morning by taking our ideas from the first day and assigning everyone different responsibilities. This was followed by Ms Glen asking for volunteers for the different committees that will coordinate our efforts to ensure our ideas become a reality.  It was no surprise that 25 hands shot into the air without hesitation.  Finally we finished our training with a mock meeting which was conducted in a formal manner which not only taught us how we should run our future meetings but also gave us the experience of an official meeting which we may encounter in our future.

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Overall it was a great experience, which helped us come up with plans to further improve St. Peter’s College, and gave us the confidence we need to put these plans into action. Importantly, we as the Caomhnóirí grew are closer as a group as well.  Within the following week we held a meeting in which we met with Ms Murray and Ms Maye and briefed them on our training and the subsequent ideas, which were received with much enthusiasm.

As a group we would like to thank Ms Glen and Mr Tighe for organiasing and conducting our training days as well as everything else they do for the Caomhnóirí. It is very much appreciated.

Aoibhinn Boyd

5th Year Caomhnóir


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