‘Celebration of Cultures’ Day at St Peter’s College

On Friday afternoon, March 23RD, in a wonderful spirit of unity, all first year students celebrated the broad cultural diversity we have here at St Peter’s College. There are students from more than 25 nationalities attending St Peter’s and on this occasion, the event was hosted by students from Brazil, China, Croatia, Egypt, England, Germany, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland and Russia. These students revelled in the opportunity to celebrate their cultural identities as they showcased the fascinating aspects of their countries to all participants. It was a great afternoon of community and craic as the first year students discovered a wealth of information about these countries from their peers. Whether being taught how to write in Arabic and Chinese, learning to say ‘hello’ in Russian or Yoruba or tasting delicious snacks from England, every student had the opportunity to chat to the presenter about their country. Students also filled up a ‘Celebration of Cultures’ booklet with fascinating facts learned during the presentations, something which can be explored further in their SPHE classes. It was a wonderful afternoon which promises to be the start of an annual event. Special thanks to all the terrific students who represented their countries so well: Rena and Ritchie Sun, Erin Laxton-Smith, Nikita Ziharev, Herkus Kairys, David Fesenco, Bilikis Lawal, Vanessa Obi,Kamila Lopes Vieira, Heloisa Santos da Silva, Antonios Moussa, Benedikt Wugk, Ewa Leszczewicz and Noa Car. Thanks also to Mr Scully for designing the booklet and to the School Wellbeing Team for organising the event.

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