Work Experience Guidelines for Parents and Students 2018/19

Work Experience Guidelines for Parents and Students 2018/19

Aims of the Programme:

  • Knowledge
    • Students will gain a knowledge of the workplace and have an opportunity to explore possible career paths and subject choices for senior cycle.
  • Experience
    • Students will gain practical experience in the workplace
  • Diversity
    • Students will learn to appreciate diversity in the workplace

World of Work class:

  • 40 minutes class once a week preparing students for the world of work

Work-Day Schedule 2018/19:

  • Friday placement and two block placements
  • Students are expected to work a standard working day.

Seeking employment:

  • It is the responsibility of the student to seek an appropriate position for work experience.
  • Students are notified of this responsibility at the end of third year, so the summer is available to find work.
  • The first two weeks of school are allocated for TY induction. Students who have not secured employment over the summer can use this time to seek advice from teachers regarding appropriate placements.
  • Students are encouraged to find community development placement and/or charity work as part of the programme.

Expectations of our students:

  • Students shall attend placement on the correct days and at the times agreed with the employer.
  • They will follow all instructions given by the employer and colleagues to the best of their ability
  • Students will contact the employer regarding absences or changes to dates outlined.
  • Students are representing both themselves and the school, and potential opportunities for students in the future. We expect students to act in a mannerly and respectful way.
  • Students must ensure that the TY Work Experience record sheet is signed by the employer every Friday and at the end of every block placement. This record sheet must be brought to World of Work class every week.
  • Students must return employer feedback forms for each block placement. Feedback forms for Friday placement can be returned in December and in May.

Out of regular work experience

  • Students are given the opportunity to participate in placement every Friday and for two scheduled block placements every year. On occasion, TY Specific programmes and opportunities arise outside of the designated block placement weeks i.e. An Garda Siochána, HSE, Law Library, Dublin Airport Authority and College courses (this list is not exhaustive). Whilst not ideal in respect of potential conflict with planned TY programme activities and programmes of work, the school will try and facilitate placement in this regard, where possible.
  • In order to protect the integrity of the TY programme, students who wish to be approved for exceptional work experience placement must apply in writing a minimum of two weeks in advance of the placement date. Their application must include a letter signed by a parent/guardian giving permission and details of placement requested to enable the school to evaluate the merit of the proposed work experience. All applications shall be reviewed by the Work Experience Coordinator and the TY Ceannaire. No placement is guaranteed, and no student has permission to attend a placement without prior consent from the Work Experience Coordinator.

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