Senior Options Information Eve for Parents/Guardians

Information Evening, Tuesday, 15th January 2019

7-7.45pm Transition Year 2019

7.45-8.30pm 5th Year 2019

Parents/Guardians of current 3rd & 4th Year students are invited to attend an Information Evening on Senior Options on Tuesday, 15th January in the Gannon Area of the school.

There will be two talks on the evening, the first a TY talk at 7 -7.45pm is for parents of 3rd Year students who may be considering pursuing Transition Year in 2019.

The second talk at 7.45-8.30pm is for parents of current 3rd Year & 4th Year students on options for Senior Cycle in 2019.

All parents/Guardians are welcome to attend and the Careers Department look forward to seeing you on the night.