St Peter's College Stopping the Tide of Plastic

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'St Peter's College-Stopping the tide of plastic'

A number of classes are currently working on reducing single use plastic in our school. They are focusing their efforts on single use plastic bottles. We really hope to make this a whole school effort via an awareness campaign and in turn taking meaningful and practical action that will make a real difference.

We would encourage all students to bring their own personal reusable bottle to school each day. There are a huge variety of bottles available from stainless steel to plastic so please chose wisely. Please ensure that plastic bottles are BPA free. In the event a student needs to bring a single use plastic bottle, we would ask them to bring it home or dispose of it in one of the designated plastic bottle depots.

Our journey so far this year


  • Patsy Toland hosted an information talk for all first years on the impact of plastic 
  • We hosted a Drop Everything and Watch whole school initiative where all students watched 'Drowning in plastic'
  • Class 1.Tighe carried out a VOX pop over lunch on student attitudes to plastic waste 
  • We have designated bottle depots for single use plastic bottles
  • A number of students  have spoken at assembly on the scale of the plastic crisis
  • The shop have come on board with compostable knives and forks. 
  • The Green Schools committee hope to make bee hives and bird houses for biodiversity week with the bottles collected.

In order to make plastic bottles visible we are hosting a number of events in the Gannon area on Tuesday; Guess the number of bottles competition/Flip the bottle/Basketball challenge with bottles- Plastic bottles are everywhere but have become so familiar that they have become invisible!  

We thank all the students and teachers who have supported the campaign so far. We can't take on the world but we can make small changes in our own lives that impact the greater good.  


" It always seems impossible until it's done" Nelson Mandela