‘St Peter’s College- Stop the Tide of Plastic’

Well done to class 1 O Gorman and 1 Tighe who did a tremendous job counting single use plastic bottles today. We counted bottles collected over a 2 week period from our special depots. The results speak for themselves; 562 water bottles, 164 Fruit juice bottles, 127 fizzy drink bottles and 164 other. A grand total of 1017! We realise that this figure does not take into account bottles that ended up in general waste. With 33 weeks in the school year this could equate to 16,500 bottles every year from St Peter’s College alone!

We would encourage all students to really look at this figures and mindfully invest in a reusable bottle for school. If we ALL do our bit at a local level we can make a real change.

A huge thank you to our Leaving Cert Applied students who started the campaign and all the classes and individual students who participated and continue to support the project daily.


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