‘Celebration of Cultures’ Day @ St Peter’s College

On Thursday, May 9th in a wonderful spirit of unity, all first-year students celebrated the broad cultural diversity we have here at St Peter’s College. There are students from more than 25 nationalities attending St Peter’s and, on this occasion, the event was hosted by students from 17 different countries- Brazil, China, Croatia, Egypt,France, Guinea, Germany, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, South Africa, Poland, Romania, Russia and the UK. The students did themselves proud as they showcased the many fascinating aspects of their countries’ culture. It was a great morning of community and craic as the first-year students discovered a wealth of information from their peers. Whether being taught how to write in Arabic and Chinese, learning to say ‘hello’ in Russian or Hebrew or discovering that Nigeria has a population of 191 million and that the capital of Guinea is Conakry, every student had the opportunity to chat to the presenters about their countries. Students also filled out a fact-finding worksheet to enter a raffle for some lovely prizes. It was a wonderful morning and a very special thanks to all the terrific students who represented their countries so well.

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