Important Information regarding JC &LC State Exams

Important Information regarding State Exams

Procedure to follow if a student suddenly becomes ill or suffers some other emergency during the examination period?

The first thing that a student/parent/guardian should do is to contact the school at (01) 8252552 and ask to speak to Ms. Synan.

The State Exams Commission (SEC) states that it is anxious to provide all the assistance it can to schools and to candidates to help them through their examinations at what is for them a most difficult time, while being careful to maintain the highest standards of fairness and equity in the interests of the generality of candidates and of society as a whole.

Where possible reasonable accommodations may be made for a candidate who has an accident immediately prior to or during the examinations. An example of this type of accommodation is making provision for a candidate to sit the examinations in hospital. It is not possible to make arrangements for the sitting of examinations other than on the day they are due to be held.

External candidates should contact the commission directly.

If candidates are unable to take the examinations in their normal centre, they may be allowed to take them in a special room in the school or in a hospital. Other arrangements can be made depending on circumstances.

A student will not be permitted entry to an exam, if they arrive after 30 minutes after the exam has started.

SEC personnel are generally on hand from 8.30am to 9.30pm on examination days throughout the examination period, and often outside of those hours and at weekends. Contact may be made through (090) 6442700 on a 24-hour basis. Alternatively details can be faxed to (090) 6442744.

Each year the National Parent’s Council (Post-Primary) organises a very valuable helpline, providing advice and guidance for candidates and parents, staffed by professional guidance counsellors, for one week following the issue of the results. (The Council also provides a helpline for one week following the issue of the CAO offers). The Freephone number for both helplines is 1800 265 165. For general enquiries the National Parent’s Council (Post- Primary) telephone number is (01) 8302740.

Examinations and Appeal Results Dates

There are some changes to the dates for the issue of the 2019 examination and appeal results which students need to be aware of. These changes are as a result of the new Leaving Certificate appeals timeframe which is being significantly shortened this year.

  • Leaving Certificate results date Tuesday 13th August

  • CAO Round 1 offers will issue by Friday 16th August

  • Viewing of scripts will take place in schools on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st August 2019 and candidates will need to have applied to view scripts by Friday 16th August

  • Closing date for applying to appeal a Leaving Certificate result Thursday 22nd August 2019

  • Appeal results will issue to schools during week ending 20th September 2019

  • As a result of the need to prioritise activities associated with the Leaving Certificate appeals, the results of the 2019 Junior Cycle examinations are due for issue to schools in late September.