Supervised Study Student Rules***

Supervised Study Student Rules

  • The aim is to provide quiet, uninterrupted study. Once study starts students will not be allowed to leave the room to go to lockers. Students must arrive organized for the study session. Students are not allowed to disturb the session to ask to borrow a book, pen, ask about homework etc. Absolute silence must be observed throughout the session and students are expected to work in a manner that will not disturb or distract other students.

  • In accordance with the Acceptable Use ICT Policy, the use of mobile phones and devices during supervised study is strictly forbidden. If a teacher sees or hears a mobile phone or any internet enabled device (including headphones) during supervised study, the device including the SIM card will be confiscated immediately and given to the Principal or Deputy Principal. Students will be sanctioned in accordance with the Acceptable Use ICT Policy.

  • Student who claim to have participated in co-curricular activities will be admitted late to study only if they have a note explaining where they were from the teacher in charge of the activity.

  • Students are not allowed go the Gannon Areas or computer rooms instead of study. Devices in some of the study rooms are not allowed to be used during the study sessions.

  • If students need to leave study early for any reason, they must present a note in their diary to the supervising teacher.

  • Eating and drinking in study is forbidden. Students are allowed to drink water.

  • At the end of each session all rooms must be left tidy. Chairs should be placed on tables and all litter placed in the bin. As study takes place after school hours, the cleaners have difficulty in cleaning these rooms so student’s co-operation is appreciated in this manner.

  • Any student who receives one note for disruptive behavior or communication (verbal or non-verbal) will need to see Ms. N Farrell or Ms. Morris. A letter will be sent home to keep parents/ guardians informed. If the student receives another note for disruptive behavior, they will be excluded from study for the rest of the year.

  • Failure to comply with any of the above rules will also result in the student being excluded from study and forfeiting their fee.

  • Study will not take place on evenings where staff meetings take place. The dates for these meetings for the first term of study are as follows:

Tuesday October 8th

Tuesday October 15th

Thursday October 24th

Tuesday November 5th

Thursday November 14th

Tuesday November 26th

Tuesday December 3rd

Thursday December 12th

Tuesday January 14th

Thursday January 23rd

Tuesday January 28th