SOAR Foundation "Hustle" Programme for 14-17 Year olds.

Please see Ms Edmonds, Rm 51 by Wednesday 04.12.19 if you are interested in signing up for this Soar Foundation HUSTLE programme. All students must have a note in their diary from home stating they are given permission to participate on the programme.   

The Soar Foundation Invites you to be a part of our HUSTLE program launching in January 2020 What is Hustle: Hustle is a free of charge 6-month program built for young people from all backgrounds and walks of life between the ages of 14-17 to come and figure out who they are and look at the lives they are living. In soar we believe that every young person has a voice that deserves to be heard and that every young person deserves to be seen, that’s what we aim to do in Hustle. This program offers spaces for young people to inspire and be inspired. There is no expectation on you to be a certain type of person or act a certain way to be suitable for this program as it’s been designed so that it can benefit all ranges of young people so all you have to do is show up just as you are.

Our facilitators will be focusing on

• Helping you build on emotional intelligence

• Grow your emotional and mental development

• Giving you the tools, you need to gain leadership skills

• And just giving you another space to hang out and get to know yourself and others more!

What does the 6-month commitment look like? The layout with the 6 months is as follows

• An initial first engagement which is a taster of hustle and the 6 months ahead of you.

• A Parent/Guardian information evening.

• A 2-night, 3 day camp to kick off the beginning of the experiential program. • One half day hustle training a month for the 6 months. (Held in Dublin on Saturdays)

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