EMPOWER: "Flip the Classroom", Maynooth University

For our St Peter's TY students, the task of researching, designing and delivering seven 1-hour active workshops for 150 Postgraduate Masters in Education students is a huge undertaking. This EMPOWER programme is cutting-edge, marrying 2nd- and 3rd-Level education.


Indeed, Angela Rickard, Head of PME Year 1 in the University, feels that these sessions, hosted annually by our school, are the highlight of Global Citizenship Week in the college.


I'd like to thank 4 Melia and a small group of students from 4 Morris for coming on board with the programme and persevering with it. I know it is tough, getting it all over the line. You were so well prepared, and did yourselves and the school proud.

I saw a number of methodologies used by you in a very competent way: The Race; Walking Debates; Causes / Consequences / Solutions discussions; Questioning, using the Ball; KWL; Placemat; Ticket & Leave; Kahoot; Unpacking the Picture; and many more. You had no problem holding the attention of 18-20 adult Postgraduate students for an hour in each workshop.


I look forward to seeing you roll out these workshops to CSPE classes in our own school and tailoring the 1-hour workshop to 40 mins and for a younger audience. Super work! And remember to take photos of all feedback for your own files and for future events, ePortfolios and interviews. 

Well done, all !

Ms Edmonds

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