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Leinster Champions 2024
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North Leinster Champions 2024
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Welcome to our School Website

WELCOME to our website, providing students and parents with up-to-date information and calendars of events; connecting with past pupils and displaying our school to the wider community.

With students performing at the highest level in State exams, we are justly proud of our academic record; but our emphasis on independent learning ensures that they become also exceptional problem-solvers and innovators, well-prepared for the challenges of college and work. We are particularly proud of the unique pastoral support system in place for students, and of the welcoming atmosphere on our campus.

In sporting and cultural activities for boys and girls, we have made our mark on the local, regional and national landscape, successful in sports such as football, soccer, hurling, basketball, equestrianism, gymnastics, cricket and water polo and a proud record of debating, environmental activity, social justice involvement and fundraising. Our annual school musicals have become a highlight, and many students have followed successful careers in media and the arts.

Our current enrolment of over 1,200 students makes us one of the most popular colleges in the country. Such success is born of commitment both from parents, who have steadfastly supported our development, and from the talented and enthusiastic academic and support staff, whose own commitment to life-long learning ensures that St Peter’s is one of the finest colleges in Ireland.

Deirdre Maye, Principal

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