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Self-Evaluation Report Summary


1. The Focus of This Evaluation

We undertook self-evaluation of teaching & learning during the period Sep 2017 to Sep 18. We evaluated these aspects of teaching & learning: New safety signage as shown here, have been erected at these areas and we thank you for your support and co-operation in this matter.

2. Findings: Summary of Main Strengths


Target 1: To Promote Questioning As An Effective Formative Instructional Practice & Implement Effective Questioning Techniques.

Target Action

To promote questioning as an effective formative instructional practice in teaching and learning and to embed a culture of formative assessment in our school environment. 

Present to staff the current research on questioning strategies and formative assessment. Devise a plan to scaffold the systematic introduction of key formative assessment strategies into teaching and learning in the school.

Implement effective questioning techniques in the classroom that allows teachers to assess where students are in their learning.

Teachers are asked to trial one questioning strategy in their classrooms.

To enhance students experience of questioning in the classroom in order to help them make important connections and encourage the active involvement of students in their own learning.  

 Encourage teachers to increase wait time, be more inclusive and have students generate their own questions.

Target 2 : To provide teachers with resources that will aid them in their classroom practice.

Target Action

To familiarise teachers with the body of research that has been conducted on questioning and provide resources that will aid them in their classroom practice.      

Produce a range of resources for teachers including a booklet, posters and index cards on Blooms Taxonomy.

Target 3 : To provide teachers with CPD on Formative Assessment.

Target Action
To provide teachers with quality CPD on Formative Assessment.
For Kids. Teachers will be given training on how to use this resource.

Teachers will be given access to Battelle