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Book Rental

Student Services and Book Scheme

When the school was founded in 1994, St Peter’s College introduced a book rental scheme. At that time, we also asked for a separate family contribution to fund the school’s extra- curricular programme. Recently, the Parents Association, following wide- ranging consultation, recommended an annual one- payment strategy to giver both : The Student Services and Book Scheme.

All monies collected by St Peter’s College are used to pay for a range of Student Support Services which may include student journal, locker rental, student insurance, texts to parents, book rental scheme, photocopying costs, student materials, student mock examinations and educational outings. In the event that there is a surplus of money collected for any one purpose, these remaining funds will be reinvested in the school to enhance the provision of Student Support Services and School Facilities for all students.


The book element of the scheme is, to our knowledge, the most broad – ranging and comprehensive in the country. In our most recent analysis we found that the value of the scheme to the average student is substantial.

This scheme provides students with all textbooks,workbooks, exam papers, etc., and ensures that all students have the necessary books when they start school each year. The scheme is also efficient, and parents find it very convenient. Students are required to keep the books in good condition for re-use. Students will be asked to replace books that have been lost or damaged by them.

Student Services

Similarly the extra- curricular and other services provided for students cover an enormous range difficult to quantify, and are a vital component of the aims,ethos and philosophy of this school.

Finally there are a number of other points to note: